Chronic Disease Prevention & Intervention

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The health status of Carroll County residents will improve through the promotion of healthy lifestyles focusing on nutrition, physical activity, and cancer awareness.


Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and lack of exercise are among the highest priority health issues identified through the Partnership’s Community Health Needs Assessment process.  The Prevention & Intervention Leadership Team leads initiatives to inspire and empower Carroll County residents to adopt healthier behaviors and reduce the burden of chronic diseases in our community.

Partnership Staff Contacts:

Caitlin Cross
Maggie Rauser


Prevention & Intervention Leadership Team

The Chronic Disease Prevention & Intervention Leadership Team meets regularly to lead activities to promote healthy lifestyles.  Community participation is welcomed.  Meeting times and locations may vary.  To attend, please request details from a staff contact person.


Local Links to Health

CLICK HERE for web links provided by the Chronic Disease Prevention & Intervention Leadership Team that connect to information about free and low-cost activities, classes, and other LOCAL resources for a healthy lifestyle.  Using these resources can help you to prevent and manage chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.


Obesity Prevention: Nutrition and Physical Activity

L.E.A.N. Carroll

The Partnership first organized the L.E.A.N. Carroll  initiative in 2007 to address childhood obesity concerns in the Carroll community.  Since then, our focus has evolved to include healthy weights for people of all ages.  L.E.A.N. Carroll  calls on Carroll residents to commit to healthier lifestyles through Lifestyle, Education, Activity and Nutrition. It is a community- and family-based approach to behaviors known to promote healthy weight and help prevent chronic diseases. L.E.A.N. Carroll  provides information, links to resources and programs, and other support to help people of all ages improve nutrition, increase activity levels, and maintain optimum health.

Whether you or your family members are currently at a healthy weight, or at risk for being overweight, you can take steps to get or keep things on the right track. Eating right and being physically active aren’t just a “diet” or “program”; they are the keys to a long and healthy life.

CLICK HERE to visit the L.E.A.N. Carroll  page and learn more.

Current L.E.A.N. Initiatives

  • Walk CarrollWalk Carroll Aug 2015

The Chronic Disease Prevention & Intervention Leadership Team is conducting a community-wide walking challenge to help Carroll residents stay physically active. Participation is free for anyone who lives, works, or plays in Carroll County. Join us for a group walk, exercise tips, prizes and more! Our goal is to increase physical activity by making it fun for people of all ages. Walk Carroll events are posted under “Healthy Events” on our Home page.

For more information, or to get involved, visit the Walk Carroll  page HERE.

  • Healthy Carroll Families

Healthy Carroll Families is an electronic packet of tips (nutrition/fitness handouts and a healthy recipe) released three times a year to help organizations; families and people of all ages promote and achieve healthy lifestyles that lead to healthy weights.

These resources can be used together as a comprehensive packet, or each piece can be used by itself to promote a particular “health” behavior. Each set of resources is built around a seasonal theme.

Please download, print and distribute copies of the Healthy Carroll Families handouts.  CLICK HERE to view and download.  To be added to the list to receive Healthy Carroll Families by email, call 410-871-7648.

  • Healthy Carroll  resource guideHealthy-Carroll-cover-crop

Healthy Carroll – Resources for people of all ages  is a booklet that puts local information focusing on healthy eating and active lifestyles at your fingertips.  To get a free printed copy, call 410-871-7648.  The Healthy Carroll  resource guide is also available free as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file.  CLICK HERE to download.

  • Healthy Dining Guide of Carroll County

The Healthy Dining Guide of Carroll County  is a collaborative project of the Prevention & Intervention Leadership Team.  In 2007, with sponsorship from the Tobacco Coalition of the Carroll County Cigarette Restitution Fund Program, the first Dining Guide recognized 15 Carroll County restaurants for offering at least 80% of our required healthy food options as well as smoke-free dining. These restaurants were presented with an “Award of Excellence,” and a “Healthy Dining Establishment” decal for display. The second (2008) Dining Guide listed 26 restaurants with healthy food options, and identified the restaurants that indicate healthier options on their menu. Now in its 5th edition, the 2015 Healthy Dining Guide lists 21 restaurants meeting healthy dining criteria, and indicates those that offer vegetarian entrees, offer kid-friendly options, and use locally produced foods. The Healthy Dining Guide includes a complete list of qualifying restaurants and shows the healthy menu criteria that must be met for inclusion in this guide. It also gives tips for eating healthy when eating out.

Download a free electronic copy of our Healthy Dining Guide  HERE, or call 410-871-7648  to receive free printed copies.


Sun Safety / Skin Cancer Prevention

This Action Team has worked since 2008 to promote sun safety and the importance of using sun protection measures through the annual “Safer in the Shade” initiative. This program is designed to reduce the occurrence of melanoma and other skin cancers in our community.

Safer in the Shade Skin Cancer Education / Tree Planting

Safer in the Shade  uses a multi-pronged approach to raising skin cancer awareness. Recognizing that excessive sun exposure in childhood is connected to the development of adult skin cancer, much of this work focuses on children and youth.

  1. Trees are planted in high-sun areas where youth play or engage in sports. This activity reinforces the message of shade protection in a memorable, fun-filled way.
  2. Age and/or gender-appropriate sun safety education is provided by education specialists from the Health Department, Carroll Hospital Center, and/ or the American Cancer Society.
  3. Brimmed hats, sunglasses, lip protection sticks, or sunscreen are distributed to reinforce the learning experience.
  4. This event also provides environmental benefits by adding to erosion control and community green space.

Fun in the Sun

Summer is a time of year when children and families often expose their skin to damaging UV rays. In 2011, The Partnership expanded Safer in the Shade cancer prevention outreach to include a summertime program at local community pools and lakes.  In 2013, with assistance from students interning at the Carroll County Health Department, over 300 people were reached. The swimming areas visited were Cascade Lake, Manchester Lions Club Pool, South Carroll Swim Club, and Westminster Swim Club.

    1. A Sun Safety display was erected right next to the pool with information about melanoma, how to identify skin cancer, and about the hazards of tanning beds.
    2. Brimmed hats, sunglasses, lip protection, sunscreen and UV detection cards were given away to children who read the American Cancer Society’s Sun Basics handout and were able to recite two facts.

Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans aged 65 and older have diabetes or pre-diabetes – but many don’t know it. Most people who are age 65 and older on Medicare can get a free test for diabetes once a year. You can also talk to your doctor or other health care provider about things you can do to help prevent or delay diabetes. Knowing is better than not knowing.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Heart Disease

The Prevention & Intervention Leadership Team also seeks to improve the cardiovascular health and quality of life of adults and children in our community through prevention, detection and treatment of heart disease.  We seek to:

  • Support community efforts to increase youth and family physical activity, such as Carroll County Public Schools’ “Project ACES – Active Children Excel in School”,
  • Maintain efforts to promote physical activity and healthy eating with L.E.A.N. Carroll initiatives,
  • Support efforts of adults to control blood pressure through community screenings by Carroll Hospital Center and Carroll County Health Department,
  • Increase awareness of early warning signs of heart attack and stroke and importance of early access to emergency response system,
  • Advocate for increased access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs),
  • Support efforts to increase awareness of women’s heart health and warning signs.

· Women’s Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one-third of adult females have some type of cardiovascular disease. However, many people are not aware of the seriousness of the heart disease threat to women.

The P&I Leadership Team encourages women to take an active role in preventing and managing heart disease. It conducts initiatives to teach the warning signs of heart disease and heart attack in women, and to teach people to get immediate help when these signs are present.


Partnership Awards

The Partnership annually recognizes the outstanding achievements of groups and individuals who make our community of Carroll County a healthier place to live.  If you know of person or organization deserving recognition, please consider nominating them for one of our Awards.  CLICK HERE to learn more or submit a nomination.

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