A Healthy Community Vision was unveiled at the annual forum of The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County on May 31.  The painting depicts the factors that Carroll County residents feel are important for a healthy community.

Development of the painting began at The Partnership’s 2016 forum, when over 120 community leaders and residents contributed ideas  like “clean air”, “good health care”, and “accessible parks” to start the creative process.

The Partnership then commissioned Sykesville artist VJ Thurston to complete the painting. Over several months a beautiful “vision of a healthy community” emerged on a 30” x 48” canvas. The final work portrays the “healthy community” values of Carroll residents.  Sharing, promoting, and celebrating these values will result in better plans, better programs, and better health and well-being for residents.

A Healthy Community Vision is being loaned to local organizations for showing in community offices, public facilities, and places of business.

To reserve A Healthy Community Vision for display at your location, contact:

Karen Davis
Telephone –  410-871-7442
Email – KDavis@CarrollHospitalCenter.org