About the Community Health Survey

In July and August 2017, The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County conducted a Community Health Survey for the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment. An important part of the Assessment process is seeking input from the community.

The survey process, which was made possible through the support of Carroll Hospital, is now concluded. Survey responses will help local health and community leaders to identify unmet health needs in Carroll County.

An accurate picture of Carroll County health priorities can only be formed with the participation of our residents.  We thank the many Carroll residents who contributed their time and information to the Community Health Survey.

Carroll Hospital, the Carroll County Health Department, and The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County all work together to conduct a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment CHNA) every three years.  The results are used in developing our Community Benefit and Health Improvement Plan, which can be viewed here.  Many partners, including organizations, agencies, businesses and individual citizens, collaborate to carry out this Plan to improve the health and quality of life of everyone living in Carroll County.

For more information, contact:

Lisa Wack
Telephone  – 410-871-6032
Email – LWack@CarrollHospitalCenter.org






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