Risky Business Prevention Conference

The Risky Business Prevention Conference is held each year to increase awareness of risks that are a concern for youth in Carroll County.  Through the conference, we hope to share practical information on the prevention of risky behaviors and ways to model healthy behaviors; resources to help encourage children/youth to practice healthy habits; and provide support through networking for those that work with Carroll County youth.

The audience consists of approximately 250-300 parents, interested citizens, and professionals from the following fields: Mental Health, Carroll County Public Schools (health teachers, guidance counselors, nurses), Private Schools, Substance Abuse / Treatment and Prevention Professionals, Carroll Hospital Center staff, Carroll County Health Department staff, Law Enforcement, Judicial Agencies, Rape Crisis Staff and Human Service Program Professionals.

Partnership Staff Contact:
Dorothy Fox


19th Annual Risky Business Prevention Conference – June 2015


18th Annual Risky Business Prevention Conference – June 2014: Change Your Language, Change Their Lives


17th Annual Risky Business Prevention Conference – June 2013: Understanding the Adolescent Brain


17th and 18th Annual Risky Business Prevention Conferences presenting organization:

The Upside-Down Organization – education for child-serving professionals   

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