Risky Business Prevention Conference

The Risky Business Prevention Conference is held each year to increase awareness of risks that are a concern for youth in Carroll County.  The conference shares practical information on the prevention of risky behaviors and ways to model healthy behaviors; gives resources to help encourage children/youth to practice healthy habits; and provides support through networking for those that work with Carroll County youth.

The audience consists of approximately 250-300 parents, interested citizens, and professionals from behavioral health, education, and social services Mental Health, Carroll County Public Schools (health teachers, guidance counselors, nurses), Private Schools, Substance Abuse / Treatment and Prevention Professionals, Carroll Hospital Center staff, Carroll County Health Department staff, Law Enforcement, Judicial Agencies, Rape Crisis Staff and Human Service Program Professionals.

For more information, contact The Partnership at 410-871-7645  or ThePartnership@HealthyCarroll.org.




 21st Annual Risky Business Prevention Conference – June 2017:  The Changing Tide

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19th Annual Risky Business Prevention Conference – June 2015


18th Annual Risky Business Prevention Conference – June 2014: Change Your Language, Change Their Lives


17th Annual Risky Business Prevention Conference – June 2013: Understanding the Adolescent Brain





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