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Risky Business Conference presentations

Risky Business Conference presentations

The Risky Business Prevention Conference is held each year to increase awareness of risks that are a concern for youth in Carroll County. This year’s Conference, held on June 24, focused on risks for youth suicide.   CLICK HERE to view the Powerpoint… read more

Opiate Overdose Rescue Training – Aug. 26

Opiate Overdose Rescue Training - Aug. 26

Learn how to prevent an overdose death. If a bystander acts immediately when they notice signs of an opiate overdose, there is time to call 911, start rescue breathing (if needed) and give naloxone.  Community members interested in overdose prevention are invited to attend. If you are concerned that you or a loved one is at risk for overdosing on heroin or prescription pain medication, this… read more

Alcohol Enforcement Specialist Training – Oct. 22

Alcohol Enforcement Specialist Training - Oct. 22

This free Alcohol Enforcement Specialist Training (AES) provides the latest information on alcohol laws and enforcement. We will identify the problems in our area and learn effective methods to manage underage drinking parties with limited resources.  Appropriate for law enforcement and security officers, personnel of establishments that sell alcohol, teachers, school administrators, and… read more

CCHD Prevention Office newsletter

CCHD Prevention Office newsletter

The May / June edition of Prevention News, the newsletter of the Carroll County Health Department’s Prevention Office, is available here.  The Prevention Office of the Bureau of Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery  focuses on Substance Abuse Prevention.  For more information, contact a staff member: Linda Auerback - Substance Abuse Prevention Supervisor  (410) 876‐4803… read more

Carroll Hospital Center events

Carroll Hospital Center events

Search the Carroll Hospital Center Event Calendar for educational offerings, trainings, health assessments, quit-smoking classes, and other offerings to support you in your quest for a healthy… read more

Behavioral Health newsletter – May 2014

Behavioral Health newsletter - May 2014

Keeping in Touch is the regular newsletter of the Carroll County Behavioral Health Advisory Council, which seeks to prevent and reduce the impact of behavioral health and addictions disorders through increased community awareness, public education, enhanced access to quality treatment and involvement in promoting a healthy lifestyle for the citizens of Carro… read more

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