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The Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC) is a group of individuals who work together to improve the health of our community. It was established as part of the Maryland State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) that began in 2011. The LHIC reviews state and local health data, identifies local health priorities, and creates action plans to address the identified issues.

The LHIC is under the direction of the Carroll County Health Officer, Ed Singer, and has a community co-chair (currently Rev. Jerry Fuss). Many LHIC members work for local health agencies such as the Carroll County Health Department, Carroll Hospital, Access Carroll, and other organizations.

The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County’s Board and staff are active members of the LHIC. Serving as the lead organization for the Community Health Needs Assessment, The Partnership’s Board provides oversight and direction related to the identified health priorities. The Partnership supports the LHIC by participating in meetings, coordinating leadership teams to address interrelated LHIC priorities, providing data and reports to enhance LHIC projects, and serving as a hub for coordinated LHIC efforts.

The LHIC meets quarterly at the Carroll County Health Department – usually in January, April, July and October – on the 3rd Wednesday, from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Carroll County citizens are encouraged to attend LHIC meetings. They are open to the public and participation is welcomed.



CLICK HERE for the 2017 Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC) Meeting Schedule

The next LHIC meeting will be Wednesday, July 19, 2017 from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Please contact Maggie Kunz to confirm the meeting time and location before attending:


CLICK HERE for LHIC Minutes & Agendas

Current Progress

Local Health Improvement Coalition Vision and Mission

The Local Health Improvement Coalition created the following Vision and Mission Statements:

The Local Health Improvement Coalition of Carroll County will mobilize support to achieve better health in Carroll County.
The Local Health Improvement Coalition of Carroll County will improve the health of all residents with particular attention to communities and sub-groups with health disparities by providing a health improvement framework with support for local action and linked to the State Health Improvement Process.

Local Health Improvement Coalition Areas of Focus

Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity

Groups addressing these issues: Leadership Teams of The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County (Advancing Health and Wellness and Healthy Aging), Carroll Hospital, and Carroll County Health Department.

  • Current Initiatives: Walk Carroll; Stay Strong videos;
  • Health Department and Carroll Hospital programs that address prevention and treatment of chronic illness, such as blood pressure screening, National Diabetes Prevention Program, Diabetes Management program.

Behavioral Health

Group addressing these issues: Behavioral Health and Addictions Planning Committee

  • Current Initiatives: Substance Use and Mental Health Resource Guide
  • Areas of focus: Children’s and veterans’ mental health issues; public awareness and education; crisis response; prevention and recovery services for mental health and substance use; evidence-based practice, and quality outcomes.

Dental/Oral Health

Group addressing these issues: Carroll County Health Department Oral Health program

  • Current Initiatives: Swish and Smile fluoride rinse program in schools; dental services expansion; Dental Access program; initiatives focusing on hypertension and oral health, HPV prevention

Access to Care (included in every other priority)

Groups addressing these issues: Varied

  • Transportation – Transportation Advisory Council (TAC)
  • Resources: Awareness – the Carroll Card; Cross-Agency Training

The LHIC will also consider the impacts of broader health issues, including social determinants of health (see https://www.cdc.gov/socialdeterminants/ ) such as housing, education, and safety.

Local Health Improvement Process Reports

The most recent Local Health Improvement Process report was created in 2016. It outlines health priorities, goals, and action plans.

To track progress toward the action plan’s Local Health Improvement Process objectives, indicators with reliable data sources are being tracked in Our Community Dashboard – CLICK HERE to view. Look for indicators with Maryland SHIP Target tabs.

The Health Department reports progress to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).  For more information on the State Health Improvement Process,  click the link below:


Community Health Needs Assessment for Carroll County (CHNA)

Information from the CHNA is used by many community partners to plan, implement, and assess health improvement strategies.  This information is especially valuable to the Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC).


SHIP, LHIP, and LHIC: Background and History

State Health Improvement Process (SHIP)

The State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) introduced the State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) in 2011. The SHIP aligns with a subset of objectives from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy People 2020, a science-based effort for improving the health of all Americans.

The Maryland SHIP objectives were carefully selected to focus on factors that are most critical for achieving the SHIP’s goals of health equity and improving the health of Maryland residents.

Local Health Improvement Process (LHIP)

Recognizing that local energy and leadership are critical for progress in public health, the SHIP asked each jurisdiction in Maryland to initiate a Local Health Improvement Process (LHIP) that identifies local health priorities and proposes improvement action plans, as part of the larger State Health Improvement Process.

In 2012, under the direction of our local Health Officer, Carroll County was charged with establishing a Local Health Improvement Coalition as part of the SHIP Process. The Health Officer is a key member of the Board of Directors of The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County. With the Health Officer’s encouragement, The Partnership’s Board took on the responsibility of serving as the Local Health Improvement Coalition.

A Local Health Improvement Team (LHIT) was also formed to advise the Coalition and carry out the Local Health Improvement Process. This group was made up of staff from The Partnership and from the Carroll County Health Department, as well as interested professionals and community members.  The LHIT merged with the Local Health Improvement Coalition in 2017, and Coalition meetings are now held at the Carroll County Health Department. Moving forward, The Partnership continues to be a key participant in the Local Health Improvement Process, lending coordination and expertise to the Coalition.


For more information, please contact:
Maggie Kunz, Health Planner
Carroll County Health Department


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