SHIP & Local Health Improvement Process

State Health Improvement Process (SHIP)

The State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) introduced the State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) in 2011. The SHIP aligns with a subset of objectives from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy People 2020, a science-based effort for improving the health of all Americans. The Maryland SHIP objectives were selected after reviewing recent state, local, and national plans and indicators, consulting with state officials, meeting with health experts and community leaders, and considering public input. Objectives focus on factors that are most critical for achieving the SHIP’s goals of health equity and improving the health of Maryland residents.

Local Health Improvement Process (LHIP)

Recognizing that local energy and leadership are critical for progress in public health, the SHIP asked each jurisdiction in Maryland to initiate a Local Health Improvement Process (LHIP) that identifies local health priorities and proposes improvement action plans, as part of the larger State Health Improvement Process.

Under the direction of our local Health Officer, Carroll County was charged with establishing a Local Health Improvement Coalition as part of the SHIP Process. The Health Officer is a key member of the Board of Directors of The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County. He asked the Board to take on the responsibility of serving as the Local Health Improvement Coalition. Partnership Board members are well qualified to serve in this role by virtue of experience, skills, record of community involvement, and diverse representation which includes our local hospital, Carroll Hospital – a Lifebridge Health center.

To assist and advise the Coalition in conducting the Local Health Improvement Process, a Local Health Improvement Team (LHIT) was also formed. This group is made up of staff from The Partnership and senior staff from the Carroll County Health Department.

Community Involvement

The direction of the county’s health improvement progress is not limited to input from the government agencies and health care providers in our community. All Carroll County citizens are encouraged to participate in the Local Health Improvement Process and attend the Local Health Improvement Team meetings (see LHIT  Meeting Schedule, below).

Public participation is also welcomed in meetings of the Local Health Improvement Coalition. The Coalition meets twice a year in conjunction with meetings of The Partnership Board of Directors to assess progress and plan for future actions.

Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC)
Board of Directors, The Partnership

Local Health Improvement Team (LHIT)

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule

Minutes & Agendas

Minutes & Agendas


Current Progress

After much work by the Local Health Improvement Team, the Local Health Improvement Coalition approved a proposed action plan as a framework for accountability, local action, and public engagement to advance health in Carroll County. The Carroll County Local Health Improvement Process 2012-2014 summarizes the Coalition’s proposed activities through 2014. It includes 5 community health priorities with actionable strategies to advance these priorities. It also proposes the community partners responsible for carrying out the action steps. The Action Plan will be revised and updated as new data and new community partners become available.

To track progress toward the action plan’s Local Health Improvement Process objectives, indicators with reliable data sources are being tracked in Our Community Dashboard – CLICK HERE to view. Look for indicators with  Maryland SHIP Target tabs.

Local Health Improvement Vision and Mission

Members of the Local Health Improvement Team have created the following Vision and Mission Statements to guide the Local Health Improvement Process:

Local Health Improvement Vision
The Local Health Improvement Coalition of Carroll County will mobilize support to achieve better health in Carroll County.
Local Health Improvement Mission
The Local Health Improvement Coalition of Carroll County will improve the health of all residents with particular attention to communities and sub-groups with health disparities by providing a health improvement framework with support for local action and linked to the State Health Improvement Process.


For more information, please contact Carol Ann Bauman at or  410-876-4958.


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