About the Healthy Community Vision project


The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County strives to build our community’s capacity for better health and quality of life. To fulfill our mission, we need your thoughts, ideas, and comments about what a “healthy community” should look like.

We’re collecting information we may have missed about our community’s health strengths, challenges, and goals. We want to engage local residents in thinking about health and build a sense of community throughout Carroll County.

We want your thoughts and ideas!

Over the next few months, a chalkboard for collecting individual thoughts and ideas will appear at many different times and locations throughout Carroll County.

CLICK HERE to find out when we’ll be in your area.

Use a Healthy Community Vision chalkboard to share your opinions about Carroll County’s unique health opportunities and challenges. Tell us what you think is needed to make Carroll County a healthier place to live!

If you can’t come to a Healthy Community Vision display, please CLICK HERE to share your ideas, and help make health the best it can be in our community of Carroll County.








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