Sharing the S.P.I.R.I.T.  the Community Benefit and Health Improvement Plan led by Carroll Hospital – identifies specific health improvement priorities for our community of Carroll County, MarylandThe Plan includes specific data points, or indicators, for measuring the progress in each community health improvement area.  We call our system for tracking and reporting on this set of indicators Healthy Carroll Vital Signs: Measures of Community Health.  It’s how we “check the pulse” of our community.



We published our first book of indicators called Healthy Carroll Vital Signs: Measures of Community Health in 2006.  Our second data publication, Healthy Carroll Vital Signs II, was issued in 2008 and included data sources, data targets, and key health improvement strategies. We added a new dimension to Healthy Carroll Vital Signs in 2008, when it moved to our web site with data showing our community’s progress toward each indicator goal. 


In 2012, another tool for data tracking and health needs assessment was added. Our Community Dashboard is a web-based system maintained by the Healthy Communities Institute.   It provides a set of one hundred health and demographic indicators for Carroll County, Maryland which are updated automatically whenever sources provide new numbers. These indicators give us additional data for our ongoing community health needs assessment work.


The data indicators in Healthy Carroll Vital Signs and in Our Community Dashboard are used to assess the status of our health as a community, to help us plan for improvement, and to measure progress toward specific health improvement targets.  


To learn more about the community health improvement assessment and planning process, visit Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Benefit & Health Improvement Plan on this site, or contact The Partnership at 410-871-7645 or

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