CHNA Background

The Partnership is the organization responsible for assembling timely, relevant information to assist us all in achieving the highest level of health possible for our community. This work is central to our Mission to build the capacity of individuals and organizations to improve the health and quality of life in Carroll County – as shown in the following CHNA background.

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Timeline
  • 1996 – A 40-person Steering  Committee to lead a  Community Health Assessment (AKA Needs Assessment) Project  was formed by Carroll Hospital Center and the Carroll County Health Department,
  • 1997-1998 – First major CHNA Project launched; included design and analysis by the Steering Committee of secondary data, provider, leader and household surveys and focus group results,
  • 1998 – Eight priority need areas Identified  (Core Health Improvement Areas),
  • 1999 – The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County, Inc. formed to lead Hospital, Health Department and community-wide health improvement efforts,
  • 2003, 2006, and  2008 – major CHNA updates led by The Partnership,
  • 2006 – Ongoing data tracking system (Healthy Carroll Vital Signs) established and updated annually,
  • 2012 – Second comprehensive CHNA Project and establishment of Our Community Dashboard.
Other Facts and Developments
  • Federal Health Care Reform Legislation, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, requires hospitals nationwide to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment every 3 years,
  • State of Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission regulations also incorporate ACA elements regarding required Community Health Needs Assessment,
  • The IRS requires that the IRS Form 990 completed by hospitals annually include evidence of Needs Assessment-based community benefit planning.
  • In 2011, the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene established a State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) to be carried out with local hospitals and health departments; the Process includes analysis of local needs and review of data for 39 health indicators (with local data) to guide the Local Health Improvement Process.

Our organization is proud to be leading and stimulating progress through the collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment process.

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