Community Health Needs Assessment

Our multi-pronged 2012 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) examined the health status of our community from a number of perspectives.  We learned how our local community, defined as the jurisdictional boundaries of Carroll County, Maryland performs when compared with others in our state and nation. In order to acquire such a complete picture, several approaches were used. More information about each of the CHNA components is given below. Planning for the CHNA began late in 2011, and the process was launched in December 2011 with many components and collaborative partnerships.

Leadership and Partners

This CHNA could not have been accomplished without excellent leadership and community collaboration.CLICK HERE to learn more about our leaders and partners in the 2012 Community Health Needs Assessment.

2012 CHNA Results

Assessment information was collected and compiled in 2012, and complete results are available HERE.

“Secondary” data (data collected from the reports and records of other organizations) is an important part of our CHNA, and is available now in Our Community Dashboard (see below).

SHIP & Local Health Improvement Process

Concurrently and in coordination with the CHNA, our organization is also leading the state-mandated Local Health Improvement Process for our community; this Process is part of the larger State Health Improvement Process, or SHIP.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Our Community Dashboard

The information captured in CHNA surveys, interviews, and focus groups is augmented by “secondary” data from a variety of validated sources. This data is accessible here through Our Community Dashboard – a web-based system maintained by the Healthy Communities Institute.  The information here is the most recent available, and is updated automatically whenever sources provide new data.

CLICK HERE to learn how to view and interpret Our Community Dashboard data symbols.

CLICK HERE to access Our Community Dashboard data tables.

Adults who have had a Routine Checkup

Breast Cancer Incidence Rate

Nonmedical Use of Pain Relievers

High School Graduation

Low-Income Preschool Obesity
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