L.E.A.N. Carroll


L.E.A.N. Carroll  Overview

The Partnership established L.E.A.N. Carroll in 2007. Focusing on Lifestyle, Education, Activity, and Nutrition, L.E.A.N. Carroll is a family-based approach to promoting behaviors that help children and adults maintain healthy weights and prevent chronic diseases.
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L.E.A.N. Carroll – Healthy Eating TM

In 2010, The Partnership received major funding and support from Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States to improve nutrition for children and families in our community. The multi-year L.E.A.N. Carroll – Healthy Eating TM project was implemented in collaboration with Carroll County Public Schools, private schools, and in other local venues that work with children, such as day care programs and summer camps.

L.E.A.N. Carroll – Healthy Eating TM focused on four project activities to educate and inspire healthy family nutrition changes:

  • It’s Crunch Time! Healthy Eating
  • Farm to School
  • “Go for the Green!” Vending Machine Education
  • Food Policy Changes

See the L.E.A.N. Carroll – Healthy Eating TM reports (above right) for more information.


The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County developed and implemented the L.E.A.N. Carroll – Healthy Eating TM project with funding from
Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States.





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