Partnership Awards

The Partnership applauds efforts to make our community a healthier place, and seeks to recognize and honor extraordinary contributions toward health by local individuals and organizations. The community members and organizational partners who accept the challenge of addressing important health priorities are our most valuable asset.

The Outstanding Community Partner Award was established in 2001 to recognize excellence in general health improvement efforts. The Partnership established the Dr. Janet W. Neslen Award for exceptional performance in promoting access to health care in 2002.

In 2009, as part of reflecting on our ten years of organizational effectiveness, we evaluated our awards criteria and decided on some changes, as follows:

  1. The Dr. Janet W. Neslen Award will be presented whenever a person or organization emerges who demonstrates “high bar” performance in addressing issues concerning access to health care. If you know a well-qualified candidate for this award, please submit a nomination.
    Dr. Janet W. Neslen Award – CLICK HERE to submit a candidate.
  2. The Karen Feroli Community Champion Award  annually recognizes an individual who creates a plan and takes action to strengthen our community’s health. The Champion encourages and energizes others in sustaining this plan through fruition, and increases the capacity of community organizations to improve health and quality of life for others.  Please submit a nomination if you know a worthy candidate.
    Karen Feroli Community Champion Award – CLICK HERE to submit a candidate.
  3. The Worksite Wellness Award  recognizes the exceptional achievements of a business or organization in implementing employee health promotion and wellness programs. It acknowledges innovative, measurable efforts to facilitate and encourage employee health and to ensure healthy work environments. Your nominations are welcomed.  May be awarded on an intermittent basis.
    Worksite Wellness Award – CLICK HERE to submit a candidate.

Nominations for this year’s awards are due by March 15.

For more information about The Partnership’s program of awards, please contact us at 0r 410-871-7645.


The names of our distinguished award recipients from 2001 onward are archived on this site.

ARCHIVE OF AWARDEES – CLICK HERE to view past award recipients.



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