History of The Partnership

In 1996 a resolution was signed by the Carroll County Board of Health (the Carroll County Commissioners) and the Board of Directors of Carroll Hospital (then Carroll County General Hospital):

Resolution for Better Health; Forming a Community Partnership
On behalf of the Carroll County Board of Health and the Board of Directors of Carroll County General Hospital, we commit our institutions to support a Partnership for a Healthier Community with the goal of working in collaboration to improve the health status of all Carroll County Citizens.”

  • Richard T. Yates, President, Carroll County Board of Health
  • Randy E. Rager, Chairman, Board of Directors, Carroll County General Hospital
  • Janet W. Neslen, M.D., M.P.H., Health Officer, Carroll County Health Department
  • John Sernulka, President, Carroll County General Hospital
This resolution launched a comprehensive community health assessment project, which was completed in 1997 by Carroll Hospital (then Carroll County General Hospital) and the Carroll County Health Department. It incorporated a strong community role with a 40-person steering committee. The value of a community-based, community-driven model was thus established, and issues for improvement action were selected by the steering committee.

That steering committee then asked Carroll Hospital and the Carroll County Health Department, the recognized leaders of health in Carroll County, to support the community in a long-term improvement effort. The non-profit corporate model was implemented to capture the community-based leadership so important to our intended outcomes. The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County, Inc. was chartered in 1999 as a unique not-for-profit organization devoted to building capacity to improve health and quality of life in our community.

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