Governing Body and Staff

Board of Directors

The Partnership is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 17 voting members. The Board manages the business and affairs of the corporation.

Each Board member has one or more of the following qualifications:
He or she (a) lives, works or is otherwise committed to volunteering in Carroll County, (b) has an interest or expertise in one of the Core Health Improvement Areas of the Corporation, (c) reflects the diversity of Carroll County (d) possesses leadership and other relevant skills.

Members of the Board of Directors serve 3-year staggered terms, and typically represent leading Carroll community organizations. They are often actively involved in the work of a Leadership Team or Action Team.

Abby Gruber – Chairperson
Department of Recreation and Parks, City of Westminster

Sally Long
Carroll Community College (retired)
Susan Doyle, RN
Carroll County Health Department
Kathy Mayan
Carroll Community College
Dorothy Fox – Executive Director and C.E.O.
The Partnership
Sharon McClernan, RN, BSN, MBA
Carroll Hospital
Marshall J. Green, Jr.
Carroll Land Services, Inc.
Kim Muniz
Carroll County Public Schools
Andrea Hanley, LEHS
Carroll County Health Department
Arthur Riley, MS, PD
Pharmacist consultant (retired)
George Hardinger
Carroll County Detention Center
Leslie Simmons, RN, FACHE
Carroll Hospital
David Hogue
M & T Bank
Ed Singer
Carroll County Health Department
Jim Kunz
McDaniel College
 Lynn Wheeler
Carroll County Public Library
To contact the Board of Directors, please send email to:

or call 410-871-7645




Pictured (left to right): BACK ROW – Arthur Riley, David Hogue, Jonathan O’Neal (retired from Board), David Louder (retired from Board), Jim Kunz, Sharon Sanders, Dorothy Fox.  FRONT ROW – Sally Long, Abby Gruber, Rosemary Murphey (retired from Board), George Hardinger, Lorraine Fulton (retired from Board), Barbara Rodgers (retired from Board), Lynn Wheeler.  Not pictured: Susan Doyle, Marshall Green, Jr., Andrea Drenner-Hanley, Kathy Mayan, Leslie Simmons, Ed Singer.



Employees of Carroll Hospital, of the Carroll County Health Department, and staff employed directly by The Partnership operate together in a highly cooperative work environment. The people listed below, whatever their “home” organization, are trusted, knowledgeable members of The Partnership’s staff who support the work of the corporation, the Leadership Teams, and the Action Teams.

Dorothy Fox – Executive Director and C.E.O., The Partnership

Cheri Ebaugh – Executive Assistant
Caitlin Cross – Community Health Improvement Specialist
Rebecca Herman – Grants Manager
Carol Ann Bauman – Community Health Improvement Specialist
Maggie Kunz – Community Health Improvement Specialist
Karen Davis – Administrative Coordinator
Maggie Rauser – Community Health Improvement Manager
Lisa Wack – Director of Community Health Improvement
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